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Email recovery software - EmailRecovery OE
EmailRecovery OE V1.0 - Overview
EmailRecovery OE is an email recovery utility. It was developed to recover accidentally deleted Outlook Express email messages. The messages are recovered into .eml format. This file format can be imported into almost all email programs, eg. Outlook Express.

Main Features

  • Recover emails from Microsoft Outlook Express 5, 6 .dbx file
  • Support attachment recovery
  • Backup deleted emails before you recover them
  • Simple user interface, easy to use

Demo Version

EmailRecovery OE demo version provides you a chance to evaluate this software. By using this version, you can know if your deleted emails are still recoverable, and you can backup these emails into a .ebk file for later recovery. Thus you can use Outlook Express and needn't to worry your deleted email messages will be damaged.

Full Version

This version includes all features of EmailRecovery OE. It can recover deleted emails from Outlook Express .dbx files and EmailRecovery OE .ebk files.

Protect deleted email messages from damage

The misfortune in email recovery is deleted email messages will be damaged when Outlook Express restarted. So you must use EmailRecovery OE to backup or recover lost emails before you run Outlook Express once again. You can also backup whole .DBX file which you want to recover.


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