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Format Recovery

To purchase format recovery, file undelete software, please click here.


In this section, we'll illustrate how to recover lost files from accidentally formated volume.

Steps of format recovery

1. Select the volume which has been formated;

2. Show "Select Scan Mode" dialog by clicking "Scan" button, then click "Advanced Scan";

3. Now FinalRecovery will scan drive e:, and then found files or folders will be listed after scan progress;

4. Open "!!! Advanced Extra !!!". The files which lost on formatting progress are listed under this directory;

By above figure, we can know:

  • Current file system type (after accidentally format) is NTFS;
  • FinalRecovery found extra FAT entries on the drive, it means there is a FAT file system ever exists on drive e:;
  • FinalRecovery found extra NTFS entries on the drive, it means there is another NTFS file system ever exists on drive e:.

5. Select the file which you want to recover;

6. Click "Recover" button, select a directory on appeared window to save recovered files;

In this example, a new folder named "Recovered Files" was created to save file "100_9852.JPG".

Additional Information

As you know, there are 3 type of FAT file systems: FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. FinalRecovery can identify which one is right if FAT entries were found on the drive. Sporadically, software mistake FAT type for the target drive. Users can provide correct FAT type to the software by using "Adjustment -> Change file system type" function.

Sometimes, there are more than one FAT file systems ever exist on the drive. FinalRecovery can discover lost files in all of those file systems, and it will calculate parameters which need by recovery by using data of individual file system. So, only one file system can be recovered at one time. In order to recover files which belong to other FAT file systems, users must perform an "Adjustment -> Adjustment" function to re-calculate the parameters of target file system.

FinalRecovery also take Raw file information during "Advanced Scan". "Raw Recovery" is very useful on format recovery. Users can use "Raw Recovery" if FinalRecovery wasn't shown lost files in the directory tree view.


To purchase format recovery, file undelete software, please click here.